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Many Americans like FHA refinance loans, because mortgage rates are low and the terms are more flexible than traditional loan programs. In 1934, the U.S. government established the Federal Housing Administration to ensure affordable home financing and refinancing. With national house prices continuing to fall and record low mortgage rates have presented a significant opportunity for homeowners to reap the benefits of affordable government insured financing. Refinancing with FHA has never been easier, because HUD made refinance opportunities for American homeowners a top priority this year. Even though Congress continues to raise the premiums on mortgage insurance, borrowers are choosing FHA for home refinancing almost 2 to 1 over conventional loan products.

We provide a wide variety of FHA refinance loans to borrowers with all types of credit. We strongly suggest looking at FHA refinancing because there is no pre-penalties, no scary balloon notes and there is never negative amortization. You can rest assured with a fixed rate loan insured by the FHA that you will have the peace of mind to refinance with confidence because you now it's backed by the U.S. government.

The FHA guidelines for loan refinancing likely will not change much this year, but mortgage insurance rates did increase on April of 2013, but HUD slashed premiums back in 2016. This does not affect existing FHA borrowers until they want a streamline or an FHA refinance with cash back. In other words, existing FHA borrowers are safe, but borrowers that select FHA for refinancing will see higher monthly insurance payments even though interest rates may be at record lows. That's why it is more than ever it is important that you work with lenders that understand the new rules and requirements for FHA loan refinances.

Fixed 15-Year Rates on FHA Refinance Loans Are Breaking Records!

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