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Fixed Mortgage Refinance for 15 or 30-Years

The most popular refinancing option today is the fixed mortgage refinance. The fact is that most homeowners want the peace of mind of a fixed simple interest loan. So naturally people are migrating towards fixed rate mortgage refinancing. We work with the best mortgage lenders in the business so you can choose from a variety of refinance loans like; FHA, VA, conventional, and jumbo programs. Millions of borrowers who have adjustable rate mortgages need a mortgage refinance to lock in a fixed interest rate. Refinancing into a fixed mortgage can increase your cash flow quickly if you are eliminating revolving debt like a credit line or a home loan with a variable interest rate.

Fixed Rates for Mortgage Refinancing Start at 2.75%!

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Fixed Rate Refinancing

Take advantage of lenders vast experience helping homeowners reduce their monthly loan payment by refinancing into a fixed rate mortgage.

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Are you looking for a "100% mortgage" that requires no equity to refinance or no down-payment to buy a house? We work with proven lenders that offer cost-effective housing solutions.

The 30-Year fixed rate mortgage averaged 3.75% with an average 0.8 point for this week. This is down from last week when it averaged 3.7 %. Last year at this time, the fixed rate mortgage refinance averaged 4.55 % on 30-year terms.

The 15-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 2.976% this week. This was lower than the previous week when it averaged 3.04%. Last year at this time, the 15-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 3.74%.