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Getting approved to refinance a conventional mortgage used to be a challenging experience but fortunately times have changed. With home values plummeting, many homeowners have lost the equity in their home. Other borrowers have run into obstacles because they have had some credit problems with late payments being reported in the last few years. Take advantage of our national lenders that offer competitive rates and superior service on a variety of mortgage refinance loan programs. Shop here for traditional, FHA, VA and the Home Affordable Refinance loans sponsored by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Rates on Mortgage Refinance Loans Can't Stay This Low Forever!

Take a minute and complete the form below and you will get a free refinance quote from lenders who want to earn your business. Mortgage refinancing requirements are not be as complicated as they were last year as many of our lenders have streamlined the process. Since the programs on refinance loans have improved recently and rates have fallen to levels not seen in 50 years, so don't wait for rates to rise. Refinance and start saving every month!

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Did you know that Federal Housing Administration continues to approve mortgage refinance loans to homeowners with blemished credit? If you have a middle fico score above 500, then you are a candidate for a refinance loan that is insured by the Federal Government. Not everyone will be approved but the FHA considers additional factors besides credit.

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