Today's Mortgage Refinance Rate for 15 and 30-Years

Ask financial professionals what the quickest way for homeowners to save money and you'll learn that improving your mortgage refinance rate is highly recommended. With mortgage rate refinancing falling to record lows last year, millions of Americans seized the opportunity because they were able to save money with a lower monthly payment.

Low Mortgage Refinance Rates
Get the Lowest Mortgage Refinance Rates

For borrowers who are interested in buying down the interest rate, there is upfront fee. For example, this would permanently buy down your 30-year mortgage refinance rate to 3.5%, but is not worth it to every applicant. In most cases, we rarely recommend buying down the interest rate on a refinance loan. When you are shopping for interest rates on mortgage refinances, ask the loan officer to offer you break-even analysis on any points they charge for the buy-down. The 15-year mortgage refinance rate has been bouncing between 2 and 3% for the last few months.

Don't forget to ask about no cost refinance options as well. In many cases the no cost programs save the borrower money, because they often refinance in a few years anyway.

Year in and year out, we offer the lowest refinance rates online to qualified applicants. Whether you need mortgage refinance rates for cash out, home improvements with FHA, VA, FNMA, or jumbo, our team of national lenders embraces the opportunity to earn your loan business. Mortgage refinancing can save you thousands of dollars a year, so don't miss out on getting the lowest refinance rates and don't let yourself over-pay for closing costs either.

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