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How to Refinance with No Income Documentation

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Not every borrower can document their income, so a no income refinance loan is the perfect solution. Many self-employed homeowners need a stated income refinance option because gathering and faxing a hundred pages of tax returns is not fun for the borrower, the loan processor or the underwriter. There will always be a demand for a refinance loan that requires little or no income documentation. Unfortunately many homeowners are sent on a wild goose chase when shopping for no income verification refinancing, or a stated income loan. Many homeowners have grown accustomed to refinancing with limited or no documentation.

Did you know that most streamline loans require no income for refinance applicants that meet the eligibility requirements? Yes people that already have a government insured loan by the Federal Housing Administration or backed by the VA, may be eligible to refinance with no documentation. That's right, no pay-stubs, no W2's, no 1099, no 1040's and no bank statements. Not everyone qualifies for this stated income program, but many do. It doesn't take long to determine if you meet the standards. We will connect you lenders that specialize in no income refinancing so you can save money with a lower payment.

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