Get a 2nd Chance with a Bad Credit Refinance Loan

Refinance with Bad Credit in the Past

Many homeowners continue to struggle finding a lender that offer refinancing for borrowers with bad credit scores. We work with several lenders that offer multiple bad credit refinance programs. FHA, VA and subprime loan programs extend bad credit mortgage refinance options that help people save their homes. Refinancing with low fico scores can be very challenging for homeowners looking to take advantage of the current low interest rates. The recession had a major effect on millions of people filing for bankruptcy, foreclosures and even seeking loan modifications. In most cases, people will be better offer refinancing their debt in their mortgage than joining consumer counseling service, debt relief or filing for chapter 13. There are still programs that help people refinance with poor credit and the past. Don't just assume you don't qualify because a company in the past told you that there were no possibilities because of your past credit issues.

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Have you been turned down recently for refinancing because your credit score is too low? There is several government initiatives that help struggling homeowners qualify for a loan to "bad credit refinance". If you have the ability to document your income and you have compensating factors in lieu of low credit scores, you are a good candidate for one of our mortgage relief programs. People with poor credit do not always have a smooth ride qualifying to refinance. Take a minute and complete the form below and you will get a free loan quote from lenders that offer refinancing for people with derogatory remarks on their credit report.

Affordable Refinance

Did you know that VA has no minimum credit score? So bad credit refinancing is available if you meet the eligibility requirements. Did you know that FHA still provides refinance loans to borrowers with less than perfect credit? If you have a 500 fico score, you will likely qualify for low rate refinance insured by FHA.

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Choose from a multiple cash funding options such as, a fixed rate refinance loan or a variable rate credit line. Our customers continue to rave about our expansion of no fee refinancing solutions because it has opened so many doors for funding remodeling and home rehabilitation. The popularity of a mortgage refinance for cash out continues to soar because interest rates are low and its tax deductible. Borrowers that do meet the conforming loan standards outlined by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be blessed with loans that have no lender fees or closing costs. How is that possible? What's the catch with a cash out refinance that is advertised with no closing costs? Learn more on "No Fee Refinance Loans"

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